7 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

7 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

All things, when consumed in moderation may be good and enjoyable but when they become a habit, you get addicted to them and it becomes difficult to get rid of that addiction. Alcohol is one such addiction. We give you some of the downsides to consuming alcohol and reasons to stop your alcohol intake.

1. It is harmful for your heart

Access alcohol causes the blood to clot at various parts in the body. When these clots come towards the heart with the rest of the blood flow, they can immediately stop the heart from functioning which can be fatal or can cause a severe cardiac arrest. Not only that, other nerves and arteries joined to the heart are adversely affected, causing premature death.

2. It can cause loss of memory and other neurological problems

It is normal for a human brain to shrink by a very small percentage in every 10 years of life but when a person starts drinking regularly; alcohol starts hampering the working of certain important nerve cells of the brain by shrinking them prematurely, thus causing short term to long term memory loss. Not only that, it can also permanently damage certain brain cells that help the person to do regular chores like eating, walking or even making a call. It is then very difficult to medically treat such patients. This disease is called dementia.

3. It can raise your blood pressure

Alcohol when taken regularly can obstruct the functioning of the nervous system which takes care of your blood pressure. Due to this, your blood pressure will increase and cause troubles in kidney and heart. Sudden rise in blood pressure can also sometimes cause death.

4. It can lead to cancer and other diseases

Women who drink heavily are prone to breast cancer and other types of cancer. It weakens the lever to the extent that it is not able to produce healthy cells that fight against cancer cells. The damaged lever also invites other sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS.

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