5 Steps for Beautiful Hands

5 Steps for Beautiful Hands

The one thing that others notice in you first is how your hands and feet look. Flaky skin on your feet or untidy nails are a major turn-off. Thus, it becomes very important to keep them clean and beautiful. After all, who doesn’t aspire to have soft, smooth and youthful hands? But for that, you need to take some extra care. There are many home remedies that one can follow to get beautiful-looking hands. Forget all your manicure appointments and sessions. Instead, treat yourself with some basic moisturizing and care, and you will realize that maintaining beautiful hands doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money. Here are few simple tips to keep your hands clean and pretty.

1. Wash your hands regularly

Keeping yourself clean reflects a lot about your personality. The basic way to keep your hands looking pretty is to wash them regularly and keep them clean. Do not wash your hands with too hot or too cold water. Always use room temperature water to wash your hands. Also, use only mild soaps, as the skin of your hands is delicate and supple, and chemical-bound soaps can often cause dryness and roughness.

2. Apply good quality cream

After washing your hands, make it a point to apply a good quality cream. This will help in keeping your hands moisturized, thereby making them soft and supple. Massage your hands and fingers with the cream before going to sleep. Doing this will make your hands much softer than before. Besides, always keep a moisturizer with you in your handbag. Whenever you feel your hands have dried up, wash them and apply the moisturizer.

3. Take care of your nails

Having clean and well-manicured nails is extremely important for beautiful looking hands. Soak your hands in soapy water for few minutes; this will remove all the dirt from your nails. Follow this routine once a week and see the results instantly. Do not bite your nails, cut them every 4-5 weeks, and file them regularly to give the desired shape. Apply good quality nail polish or just keep them natural. Never scrape off the nail paint with sharp objects, as it can weaken your nails.

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