5 Signs You have been Single too Long

5 Signs You have been Single too Long

It’s very evident if you’ve been single for too long. You don’t really know anymore how does it feel to be in a relationship with someone, how a couple deals and behaves, you just get too used to being single and you enjoy it. Sometimes you may also feel confused because sometimes you may or may not feel the need to have a partner. Sometimes you also become too vulnerable or stubborn, you start falling for any guy or you may just keep looking for flaws in people. Do you wish to find out if you’ve been single for too long? Check out 5 signs that would help you gage the situation.

1. You have begun lowering your standards

When you start looking for dates, you start compromising slowly on all your choices, preferences and qualities you look for in a guy. This is clear sign that you’ve been single for too long because you start thinking that you wouldn’t get someone of your choice and desire. It is good to have an open mind but that doesn’t mean you decide to settle for anything that comes your way.

2. You feel negative about relationships

You just keep saying and thinking that relationships aren’t meant for you. The fact that you aren’t able to find a right guy and you going through a sad love life, you get stuck up with a mindset. You become negative about your love life and can’t think positively.

3. You think about your past relationships

You are curious to know what your exes are up to and their current relationship status. You stalk them or could possibly have thoughts of wanting to take a chance with them. This happens because you start looking at them as a potential option as you’ve been single for too long.

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