6 Fitness Tips for Working Women

6 Fitness Tips for Working Women

Remaining fit is extremely important for a working woman as she has a lot of running around to do. Especially if you have a job that requires long sitting hours or excessive travelling, it can become difficult to take care of your health. Here are some fitness tips for working women.

1. Have an exercise routine

As a working woman, you are not only devoting time at the office but also at home. But if you want to remain fit enough to manage both your professional and personal life, then you must do some physical exercise other than your regular work. Walking, on the spot jogging, skipping, yoga, breathing exercises, and floor exercises help a lot. These can be done at home along with other chores of the house. It is best to do these in the morning. There are body stretching exercises which can be done to keep your body toned and fit.

2. Give your body sufficient rest

Just as your body needs physical exercise, it also needs proper rest. One of the factors that affect your weight is sleep/rest. If you are travelling to the office by a subway or a local transit, close your eyes for some time and sit. Even at the office, when you have a lunch break, do take time to sit with your eyes closed, take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes. Avoid talking to someone while you rest. Even after returning home, do not get into house hold work instantaneously. Take a few minutes to get fresh, have some warm tea, coffee or some juice, and take a power nap.

3. Be careful about what you eat and drink

For people who have a job where they have to be seated for long hours, what they eat and drink at the office is to be taken care of. One must drink a lot of water. Take good amount of liquid throughout the day. You could have fresh fruit juice, warm green tea, iced tea, or healthy beverages that are alcohol free. Similarly, eating fruits, salads, and avoiding junk or spicy food helps in keeping good health.

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