6 Useful Beauty Apps for Handy and Quick Reference

6 Useful Beauty Apps for Handy and Quick Reference

Every woman needs a beauty guide whether it is a dear friend, an expert at a salon or a beauty magazine. If you are the type of woman who is always on the go and wants all her beauty support on her iPhone, here are a few apps you can try.

1. Red Laser

Scanning the barcode of a beauty product you like in a store and getting instant information about it can be incredibly convenient. This information includes cheaper alternatives in the market, better deals on the product in other stores or user reviews. Red Laser can search a beauty product across thousands of stores and retailers to give you the best deal. This app can also suggest related products to ensure that you have a smooth beauty shopping experience. Reputed media houses including New York Times, US Today, CNN Money and PC Magazine among others have rated Red Laser to be one of the best shopping apps in the category of beauty.

2. Make-Up: Beautiful Eyes

If you want to seek advice directly from one of the top makeup artists of the world, Make-Up: Beautiful Eyes is the iPhone app you must have. Jane Bradley is a top notch UK based makeup artist who has worked with celebrities like Stella McCartney and Leona Lewis. Focusing on eye makeup, this video app takes you through intricate details about applying eye makeup. This includes Jane’s advice on which eye brushes to use, how to know which shade suits you best and how to make your eyes look bigger among thousands of other useful professional eye makeup tips.

3. TotalBeauty.com

Have you ever stood in the aisle of a beauty store with a product in your hand wondering whether it is going to be worth your money or not? If you are victim to such dilemmas, TotalBeauty.com’s iPhone app can come to your rescue. This app claims to give honest, transparent, genuine and unbiased reviews for more than two hundred thousand beauty products. You can either double check your money’s worth for bestselling beauty brands or find a niche beauty product. You can also sift through beauty products according to their ratings, write your own beauty reviews and avail free samples of beauty products.

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