5 Things You Should Consider Before Piercing Your Body

5 Things You Should Consider Before Piercing Your Body

A tasteful piercing can do wonders to your looks. Women have traditionally pierced their ears to wear beautiful jewels or earrings. But now-a-days, body piercings (nose, eyebrow, genitals and so on) are more about an attitude. It shows who you are. From art to an emotional state of mind to culture; many things can influence such a decision. Here are five things you must consider before piercing your body.

1. Take stock of your lifestyle and need for piercing

Are you a basket ball player and thinking of sporting a ring on your eyebrow? You might wanna rethink. It’d be easy for you to get hurt while playing. This applies for all kinds of contact sport. A piercing is kind of a commitment. Don’t ever have it done when drunk or stoned! Also, be sure it doesn’t clash with your lifestyle or workplace decorum. Some jobs don’t encourage visible body piercings that are unconventional. In such cases, taking off your ring or stud repeatedly may hurt your skin. Also think long term. A piercing in the tongue may look like a big deal in your early 20s, but might be an issue of embarrassment a few years later.

2. Find a trained professional and studio

It’s your right to make sure you will be served well as a client. Ask the studio to give you heads up about the pro that’ll do the job. Or ask for feedback by the previous clients. Check out if the studio is certified by the government health department. It’s a sure way to tell if a studio is safe enough. Notice if they use fresh disposable gloves and needles. Look for an autoclave – a heat sterilization machine. These are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

3. Possibility of an infection after a body piercing

Body piercing is a simple process and usually doesn’t affect your health negatively. But infections do happen. According to a report in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, 20% of all piercings end up in infections. You need to make sure you don’t have a wound or a cut already; or that you are in good health. If you are suffering from any health issue such as allergy, poorly maintained diabetes etc. wait till you get better. Your body is more vulnerable to infections when its immunity is low.

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