6 Tips to Say No to Unreasonable Demands of Your Boyfriend

6 Tips to Say No to Unreasonable Demands of Your Boyfriend

In a relationship, the two partners are two equals and have their individualism. You cannot impose your choices and decisions on your partner. Every girl should know how to stand up and say no to the unreasonable demands of her partner. Here are 6 tips to say no to unreasonable demands of your boyfriend.

1. Don’t fake a yes

If you aren’t ready for something or you don’t want to agree to an unreasonable demand of your boyfriend then do not pretend to agree with him. You need to learn how to say no instead of faking a yes just to please your boyfriend.

2. Say what you feel

There is no such thing as the right place and time to express how you feel in front of your boyfriend. If you want to say no to your boyfriend’s unreasonable demand then don’t wait for the right moment just say it as soon as possible, so that your boyfriend will be clear about your answer and it won’t build up hopes.

3. Try to explain it to him

If your boyfriend has an unreasonable demand then a good way of saying no without hurting him would be to talk it out. Give him a reasonable explanation so that he knows your point is valid and understands why you are saying no to it.

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