8 Wonderful Things the French have Given to the World

8 Wonderful Things the French have Given to the World

France is a tiny nation, but the saying, “Big things come in small packages,” prove true for this little country. It has given the world numerous things for which mostly everyone is quite thankful for. The strong culture of this country has made it stand strong over the centuries. Here are some of the best things that have been contributed by the French to the world.

1. Mouthwatering food

The French are known for their lip smacking delicacies such as croissants, red wine, French toast, baguettes, Camembert cheese, meat dishes, etc. The desserts they invented such as macaroons, mousses, eclairs, creme brulee, among many others are to die for.

2. French Kissing

French kissing is popularly known as a smooch or a lip lock which is considered to be the most passionate and romantic kiss. They popularized this romantic act and made it famous all over the world.

3. Berets

Berets are the little cute sideways titling hats that French artists are mostly seen wearing. These have become a popular fashion trend all over the globe and look utterly cute on girls.

4. Wonder of the World – Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower, the huge metal structure that stands smack in the middle of Paris, has been known as one of the most romantic spots in the world and has rightfully gained a place among the seven wonders of the world. The breathtaking view from the top and the sideways elevator in the tower makes this one a must-visit.

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