6 Tips to Reconnect With an Old Friend

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Friendship is the only relation that one gets to choose in life. At times we are able to keep this relation going for a long time and sometimes we drift apart and the relation becomes dormant. This drift could be due to change of place, marriage, misunderstandings, differences in opinion, or something else. Even if there are no such major reasons, most friendships change with time, owing to a change in our priorities. You need not feel awkward or get confused as to how to reconnect with an old friend that you have missed or have been too caught up to call back. Here are some tips to help you re-establish the connection with an old friend.

1. Acknowledge the rift

When was the last time you met your friend? How did you part ways? Was it a casual good bye as you left for another place, school or college? Or was it due to some argument, misunderstanding or a tragedy? Recollect all this information. At what age did you go your separate ways and after how long have you decided to meet up? All this helps in knowing how to go about meeting the friend again.

2. Take baby steps

Don’t hurry to call up or give any surprises. Take baby steps to find out about your friend. In today’s age, we have easy access to Facebook and Twitter to help us find our long-lost friends. Go to the page and find out where he/she is. Find out where he/she is put up, whether he/she is working, and his/her marital status.

3. Avoid preconceived notions

After you have acquired information about him/her, do not think too much about what kind of person he/she might have become now. A person might remain the same for years or might change with the passage of time. Your friend might be as charming as he/she was earlier or he/she might be a working professional and have less time for other things. Do not think of negative things before you decide to reconnect with him/her through social networking sites, e- mails or a phone call.

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