5 Signs You Are an Over-Protective Parent

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You may have your best interests at heart when you try to save your child from all that is bad. However, being an over-protective parent might harm your kids in more ways than you can imagine. We give you some of the signs that indicate that you are an overprotective parent.

1. You constantly worry about your child’s safety

Every parent has this tendency of worrying about their kid’s safety. However, when this worrying takes an extreme form, it starts interfering with the child’s natural growth. You will find yourself denying your child any physical activity which may cause harm. Things like swimming, rock climbing, horse riding, will seem too dangerous to you. You would be dictating how far you child can ride his/her bike or which rides he/she should take at a park.

2. You do not trust your child’s decisions

Every time your child takes a call on something, you start doubting his/her capability to take the right decision. You will find yourself making all of your children’s decisions. This will eventually make the child doubt his/her own judgment and this negative feeling will affect his/her entire life.

3. You watch your kids like a hawk

If you always say no to any activity that involves your child being away from you, then you are being overprotective. Things like overnight camps would tend to fill you up with fear. In other words, you feel sure of your child’s safety only when he/she is with you. Such feelings will not allow your kids to play outside even when the neighborhood is safe.

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