11 Interesting Facts About Adam Levine, The Dashing Popstar

11 Interesting Facts About Adam Levine, The Dashing Popstar

The songs of the pop band, Maroon 5, are a class apart from other bands. While most male music bands are either boy bands appealing to teenage girls or rock/metal bands appealing to men, this is one band which is a huge craze among women across the world. The credit for this band’s success mostly goes to the dishy lead singer, Adam Levine who has captured millions of hearts with his soulful songs. Here are some really interesting facts about this handsome crooner.

1. The Maroon 5 frontman has a body to die for and he owes it to regular yoga practice. He loves doing yoga and does yoga exercises before every show he performs, with his yoga instructor who accompanies him on each of his tours.

2. Not many know that he used to go to the same high school that actor Jake Gyllenhaal went to and they have been best friends since then.

3. This hottie seems to be ambidextrous as he uses his left hand to write, but plays the guitar with his right hand.

4. Although Maroon 5 is an unusual name to give a music band, the musical group had a weirder name before the name change happened. It was called Kara’s Flowers and when it was still Kara’s Flowers, the band had made an appearance on the cult teenage serial, Beverly Hills 90210.

5. The guy is not only gifted in the looks department but also hugely talented in the singing department as can be seen by his three Grammy wins. In 2005, Maroon 5 took home the Grammy for Best New Artist and the following year for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for the record breaking song, ‘She Will be Loved’. In 2008, the group won the same honor for its hit, ‘Makes Me Wonder.’

6. Here’s an unknown piece of information for fans that were left wondering why Maroon 5’s debut album was named ‘Songs About Jane’. Jane is the name of Adam’s ex girlfriend and he wrote all of the songs about her and based on his experiences with her.

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