All You Wanted To Know About Mineral Makeup

All You Wanted To Know About Mineral Makeup

“Which makeup have you finally decided to use on me?”, asked Maxine, 22, to stylists Mark and Jacob, as she was preparing for her graduation party. “That’s your call darling”, said Mark. “We can tell you what’s it all about, but you have to take the final call. It’s your skin after all”, added Jacob.

“Mineral makeup has picked up like organic food. Everyone has their own perception about it. No one can really place a finger on whether mineral makeup is good or bad”, started Jacob. “Mineral makeup is basically made up of naturally found earth minerals such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, magnesium stearate, kaolin clay, silica, bismuth oxychloride and much more. Apparently, it contains no dyes, chemicals or preservatives”, he added. “The argument for mineral makeup is that since it is organic, it doesn’t clog skin pores as opposed to traditional liquid makeup that may not allow your pores to breathe”, Mark said.

“Okay, that sounds fair enough. I get the point that mineral makeup is chemical free. What else?”, inquired Maxine. “There’s lots more Maxine. Ingredients of mineral makeup such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have natural sunscreen properties. Also, foundations and concealers made of mineral makeup are said to have great coverage because of mineral makeup’s light reflective properties. They can completely erase out fine lines and wrinkles”, said Jacob. “What do you say Mark?”, asked Jacob, looking at Mark. “Sure. In fact, I remember a client telling me that she loves mineral makeup because it has anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it can protect and soothe out your skin against itchy acne patches or sunburns”, informed Mark. Maxine nodded, absorbing all this useful information about mineral makeup from stylists Mark and Jacob.

“And one more good thing about mineral makeup is, it is said to be water resistant. Even if you dive in the pool when you’re dolled up, it doesn’t matter!”, said Mark. “All this sounds great Mark and Jacob. Now tell me why I should be warned against mineral makeup. What are the pitfalls?”, asked Maxine.

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