6 Things You Must Do this Christmas

 6 Things You Must Do this Christmas

All of us have a bucket list in our lives. The things we should do and the things that we would love to do before we die or are too old to do. You can have a similar bucket list for Christmas and make them into a list of things that you should do every Christmas. These could be things that make you feel good; there is nothing wrong in thinking about only you once in a while or it could be things that would bring joy and cheer to the lives of others. There are also certain things that you must do for Christmas and you do not for various reasons. Add those to your list too. Here are a few things that you have to and must do this Christmas.

1. Get a real Christmas tree

For once, you can forget about deforestation and other environmental concerns and go buy yourself and your family a real Christmas tree. You will love the fresh smell of the pine and also not have a plastic false looking tree in your living room.

2. Buy gifts for everyone in the family

Make it a point to buy gifts for everyone in the family and try as much as you can to spend equal amounts of money for everyone else even if you have your favourite among your siblings or your parent.

3. Roast chestnuts outside the house and share it with everyone

Take the chestnuts outside and roast them on a fire even if it is cold. This is such a fun Christmas thing to do and you should start doing it if you have not started already. This is also one of the must things you should do this Christmas and every Christmas.

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