6 Things That Lead To Stress In The Workplace

6 Things That Lead To Stress In The Workplace

Work is not easy, and we have all grown up learning the same. We’ve all been taught that irrespective of whatever industry or profession you choose, there will be immense competition, and that there will be no substitute for hard work. In other words, there is no shortcut to success. However, modern day work scenario brings up some greater challenges in front of people, which may sometimes seem irrational and unreasonable. And that leaves many people wondering, till when exactly do they keep giving in to the circumstances, without expecting any returns. After all, when someone puts hard work and dedication into something, he/she is expecting ‘something’ in return. Here are the 6 most common things that lead to stress at workplace. Have a look at them and then decide whether it’s worth continuing or not.

1. Uninspiring coworkers and environment

All your life you try to study in good schools and colleges, so that you can have quality education that prepares you to face industry challenges and be a smart individual. However, the smartness and efficiency goes for a toss when you end up getting a job in a company where coworkers do not share your wavelength. Their ways of working may be conventional and orthodox, and a rigid system with no scope for innovation can make you feel like a fool.

2. No scope for growth

Growth in any job is extremely important, intellectually as well as monetarily. It is still acceptable to survive in a job where you might be paid a little less than the others, but you know that you are getting to learn a lot of new things. However, settling for a job that pays a lot, but the work doesn’t interest you or is absolutely lame, could probably be the biggest mistake you are making. You can never let your brain rust in your workplace, and should always aim for growth and promotions.

3. No personal life

Another very common factor that leads to a lot of stress in the workplace is the number of hours your boss expects you to work. There are some companies and bosses who do not give a notice about how many hours they want the employees to work. And sudden meetings, conference calls, extra hours of work etc. can ruin one’s personal plans, which makes the employee hate the office and the boss more, leading to more stress. This is especially the case with working mothers who have to juggle office, home as well as kids.

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