8 Tips to Plan Your Day

8 Tips to Plan Your Day

Whether you are a working woman or a home maker, you need to plan your day. Be it small house chores or loads of work in the office, you need to make plans in advance. Each day consists of twenty four hours and you need to decide how you can make the most of it so that you finish everything on time and are not worried about the next day. We give you some great tips so that you can plan your day.

1. Follow a routine

We all have a routine and we need to plan so as to make it into a constructive one. The best way is to write it down on paper. What do you want to do today? What are your priorities? Try to diligently follow the routine which you have set. Avoid getting distracted from it. Unless it is an emergency, do not stray away.

2. Have an action plan

Is it possible to construct a model without a blue print? No. Similarly, an action plan helps you to work on your goals in a more proficient manner. Suppose you have to go to the grocery store, visit your doctor, and pick up the kids from school. Plan the route you would take so that you do not waste a lot of gas and so that your work is done in less time. At the grocery store, go for what your list says. Avoid going into aisles that are not a priority today. Having a good action plan increases your efficiency and productivity.

3. Be rational

Don’t be too ambitious. This will not only exhaust you but you will not feel like doing anything for the next two days. Set goals that you can achieve. Distribute work in a way that all the work is not concentrated on just one day or two days of the week.

4. Communicate with family members

Don’t keep what you have decided for the day to yourself unless you are living alone. Tell other family members about your plan. You don’t have to sit for long to explain. But make it a point to do so. This helps others also plan their day and sometimes you may get good help. If you have a plan to see your doctor and then pick up some food, one of your family members might offer to help in any one of your chores!

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