5 Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Behave in Public

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Behave in Public

Does your child have a tendency to become really violent or cranky in public? Has he/she been a trouble for you to handle at whatever public event you’ve taken your child to in the last few months? Well, you might feel that your child is turning more and more naughty and disobedient each day. However, the truth is that every child goes through this phase at least once, where they start to become cranky and throw tantrums in public.

Here are some easy ways in which you can handle your child and get him/her to behave properly in public.

1. Start at home

One of the reasons why your children don’t listen to you in public is probably because they never listen to you at home. However, you ignore this behavior at home and carry on with other things. But you can’t do that in public, right? So you need to start the lesson of obedience at home. You need to teach your child to respond to you with a ‘Yes’, on everything you ask them to do. And every time they listen to you, they need to be rewarded with kisses and hugs, NOT chocolates or gifts.

2. Don’t bribe them

You might be wondering why we said no to chocolates or gifts in the first point. Well, that is mainly because of the fact that chocolates once consumed, can give you temporary peace, after which your child will again go back to behaving in the same cranky way as earlier. So if you tell your whining kid at the grocery store, ‘Walk with me quietly and I’ll buy you a candy’, he will listen to you, get the candy, and on your stop to the Petrol Pump, he will again make a fuss and will make you lose your temper. So don’t even try bribing them with things that will put you in trouble. Instead, you not talking to them or not hugging them will make them feel bad and apologetic.

3. Keep them busy

Most of the times children behave badly in public because they never have anything to keep them busy. At your lunch with your best friend from school, you have a lot of gossip to share, but your child has nothing to do. So he is bound to be playing with noodles on his plate, and is bound to be dropping cutlery or color on the restaurant napkins. Avoid that situation by keeping the child busy. Carry a book for him that he/she can read in one corner, or carry his portable gaming device. Don’t ignore the child, or the next thing you know, he’ll get your attention by misbehaving with people around.

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