6 Facts About Temple Run that Has Reached 1 Billion Downloads


In the last few years, games made specifically for smartphones and tablets have become more than just a craze. No matter what kind of a lifestyle you have, you will have at least once played a game on a smartphone or a tablet and have been smitten by it. Among the various popular Android and iOS games available today, ‘Temple Run’ is a name everyone has heard of. This addictive game has a simple premise. You have stolen a cursed idol from a temple and have to now run and escape the demons chasing you. While you control the directions, jumps, hops, ducks and other things the character running would do, you must collect coins and power boosters along the way which will help you ahead in the game. This thrilling, amazing and highly addictive game has just crossed about 1 billion downloads across platforms and have an equally successful sequel and some spin offs as well. Listed here are 6 facts about ‘Temple Run’ that has reached 1 billion downloads.

1. ‘Temple Run’ is essentially a never ending game. So no matter how addicted you are and no matter how many hours of your life you spend playing it, you will never complete the game because it is a running game on an infinite road. You will be able to play the game continuously until and unless your character dies within the game. If he/she is hit by an obstacle or falls down or is captured by the demon chasing, then the game stops and you start the level over.

2. ‘Temple Run 2’, the sequel to the original, has four characters from which one can choose which character to play with. Each character is equipped with some special attributes which obviously give you an edge in the game. But while only one of these characters is available for free, the others require you to earn certain points in the form of gold coins within the game. You need to spend some of these gold coins to be able to unlock the other three characters.

3. The sequel to the original ‘Temple Run’, ‘Temple Run 2’ has been in development since 2012. This was immediately after the developers realized that the first version had become a huge hit. They immediately started developing a sequel by siphoning off little glitches and smoothing the game with high class graphics, improved game mechanics and adding more interesting aspects to the game.

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