10 Effective Steps to Stop Bad Breath

10 Effective Steps To Stop Bad Breath

Bad breath often tops the list of turn offs and has even been labeled as one of the most annoying things. Bad breath is also a sign of bad hygiene and no one wants to be around someone who has bad hygiene, do they? If you suffer from bad breath, also called halitosis, follow a few tricks to beat it. Learn how to stop bad breath with these top 10 must-follow tips.

1. Chew on a sugar free gum

Saliva is your body’s natural weapon against bacteria build-up in the mouth. A great way to stop bad breath by increasing saliva production in the mouth is to chew on a sugar free gum. Make sure that you chew on a gum that is truly sugar free, else you’ll increase your intake of calories while trying to stop bad breath.

2. Clean your tongue

You may have been brushing your teeth daily, but do you have a tongue cleansing routine? If not, have you noticed the build-up of a white layer on the tongue? Germs and bacteria on the tongue may be the cause for your bad breath. You can cleanse your tongue either with a tongue cleanser or by rubbing the back side of your tooth brush against your tongue. To stop bad breath, cleanse your tongue every time you brush.

3. Use mouthwash

The use of mouthwash to stop bad breath has been widely approved by experts. However, many of us tend to make the mistake of substituting regular brushing with mouthwash. Ladies, you must remember that a mouthwash is only partially effective when it comes to reducing bad breath and limiting the build-up of bacteria in the mouth. We suggest that you keep a small bottle of mouthwash in your purse for that quick gargle after your coffee break at work to avoid bad breath.

4. Drink water and maintain the recommended fluid intake

Did you know that bad breath can often be caused by dryness in your mouth? We understand that it may not be possible or advisable to chew on something all the time. You can avoid bad breath by making sure that you have a regular intake of water to keep your mouth from getting dry. It’s as easy as that!

5. Rinse your mouth after every meal

We understand that you may not have a sugar free gum or a mouthwash after every snack. But that does not stop you from rinsing your mouth, does it? There is usually some food residue left in your mouth in between your teeth which may cause bad breath. You can stop bad breath by rinsing your mouth after each meal. By rinsing your mouth, you will avoid bad breath because gums get free from food residue that may cause more bacteria build-up in your mouth.

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