6 Signs You are Dating a Control Freak

6 Signs You are Dating a Control Freak

Initially, it feels great when the guy you are dating takes so much care of you. He calls you up several times a day to see if you’re okay, he plans out all your dates to make them perfect, he does more than what other regular guys do for their partner. He could probably make you feel like a princess. But is he really that prince charming, or is he just a control freak? Time to judge that right now! Here are 6 signs which will tell you if the guy you’re dating is a control freak or not.

1. Everything has to be his way

Does everything in your relationship has to be according to his way? Does he have a really hard time accepting your suggestions for something? If you do not agree to something he says, does it always end in a fight, or with him making a sulky face? Once in a while, all these things are fine. But if this happens regularly, beware, you might just be dating a guy with a huge control issue.

2. Everything is planned

Initially you may feel special when your partner plans out every date you go on, but is it something he does especially for you, or is he someone who likes to plan out each of his moves? People with a control issue tend to plan and schedule everything beforehand and are rigid in following those plans. Mostly, they will not even bother to ask for your suggestion while making those plans, but simply expect you to love what he did and be grateful for it. They never enjoy the spontaneity of unplanned activities.

3. He is the boss

A healthy relationship is that in which both partners respect and look up to one another. If your partner always loves being the boss and wants you to look up to him, it is highly probable that he is a control freak. Such people hate it if you make some decision without taking their advice. They always want to be felt that they are needed by you.

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