7 Reasons Why Taurus Girls Are Better Than The Rest

7 Reasons Why Taurus Girls Are Better Than The Rest

The world may criticize our possessive and controlling nature. But what the hell, doesn’t everyone have their flaws. We’re not perfect, but isn’t perfection boring? We aren’t ashamed of the people we are. In fact, we are proud of ourselves. There are so many reasons why we are better than the rest. Come, find out.

1. We are strong and fierce

This is the first thing that you will notice about us. Even if we appear delicate from the outside, our inner strength is enough to overpower almost anyone. We can take troubles and pain, head first. We are courageous and don’t accept defeat easily, no matter what anyone says. We possess the strength and courage to stand up for what we believe in. Queen Elizabeth II is a Taurean, and we are all witness to the strong woman she is.

2. We are loving and nurturing

We are very loving and nurturing to our family and loved ones. We believe in protecting and looking after them. It is because of this if someone says something bad to the ones we love, they have already invited our wrath. It is also because of this nature of ours, if you have one of us as your friend, you can be sure that we’ll be there to watch your back and protect you.

3. We are creative

Our creativity and artistic ability is worth talking about. When everybody else is thinking about one way to solve a problem, we are busy finding our own method. It is in our DNA. It is because of this ability of ours, that we and our work tends to stand out from the rest. It is also because of this that many of us do very well in jobs where our creativity comes to use.

4. We have a charming personality

Ruled by the planet of Venus, we Taurus girls are especially known for our irresistible and charming personality. It is due to this that we are usually the ball of any party. If you are stuck in an elevator with a Taurus girl, you will have so much of fun that you just won’t want to get out of there. Our unique magnetism also makes us a hit among all the boys.

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