15 Reasons Why Men Cheat

15 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Where there is a relationship between a man and a woman, there might be a slight chance that the man is cheating. However, it is important to understand that such issues are not universal and being paranoid is futile. But when you recognize a red flag, be careful and wary about his movements. There are many reasons why men cheat. Compiled below is a list of such common reasons or excuses cited by men who cheat.

1. He feels his partner is no longer attractive and finds someone else satisfying his physical and psychological needs.

2. He hates arguments and the partner he stays with gives him plenty opportunities to argue. He finds another lady who does not necessarily have to put up with his temper tantrums and hence there is no room for argument.

3. Men also cheat when marriage becomes a warlock. If men stay in a relationship only for the sake of children or society, their excuse is to seek solace in other women for platonic or sexual relations.

4. When the man feels that other women desire him as much as they did a long time ago; he becomes thrilled and excited to explore his options. In this way, his ego is boosted, which may not be happening with his partner.

5. Most men are psychologically made in such a way that they get drawn towards beautiful women. Blame it on their hormones, but it is a great excuse for them to cheat.

6. Men cheat when romance in a committed relationship becomes chilled or cold. This is a very common scenario that routine responsibilities take over romance over a period of time. When romance steps out, the man seeks pleasure elsewhere.

7. Extramarital affairs have become so commonplace today. All the more reason for men to cheat. Women are easily available to offer and seek pleasure from a man.

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