7 Common Reasons Why Marriages Fail

7 Common Reasons Why Marriages Fail

Marriage is not easy. One needs immense patience, strong determinations and tremendous love to make any marriage successful. According to the American Psychological Association, almost half of the American marriages end in divorce. Couples separate for many reasons. Understanding some of the common reasons why marriages fail may help you identify the real problems and rectify them at the earliest.

1. Financial infidelity

One of the most common reasons that contribute to failed marriage is ‘Financial Infidelity.’ Couples refuse to share their money with each other. There is no transparency in the relationship about financial issues like each other’s core money issue or triggers. Most of the couples have no defined spending and savings pattern as a result of which there is a constant intrusion into each other’s domain which leads to clash in a relationship.

2. Hectic lifestyle

The hectic lifestyles that people live these days often lead to several complications in marriage. Immense stress and work pressure makes it difficult for them to make time for each other. Couples have no time to talk to each other, forget about spending time together and sharing each other’s feelings.

3. Intervention of modern day technology

In today’s fast paced world, impersonal communication has become the default mode of interaction. With not much time to talk to each other, people find it easier to send a text message, chat on a social networking site or Skype to their better half rather than making an effort for personal face to face communication.

4. Incompatibility

No two individuals are alike. Couples do not agree with their spouse on many things or do not share a similar interest. However, there should be an inclination to compromise. When either partner refuses to budge from what he wants or what according to him is correct, there is no scope for marriages to be successful.

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