10 Super Interesting Facts About One Direction

Super Interesting Facts About One Direction

Have you ever seen someone’s fortune turning magically within a short time? Look nowhere, but towards ‘One Direction’ (1D), one of the most loved boy bands of today. The English pop band comprising of five members including Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson has become the latest craze of today’s youth. With 3 albums, which have broken several records and has topped the charts of major markets, to their credits, the lads have become a global phenomenon in the music world. All the guys in the band are below 20 and are close friends too. Want to know some interesting facts about 1D? Read on.

1. The members of the band had auditioned individually as contestants for ‘The X-Factor’, the British singing reality show. However, they couldn’t get through the ‘Boy’s’ category.After this, guest judge Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell are believed to have brought the boys together to form a band.

2. Boy bands are always about business. ‘One Direction’ is set to be the very first boy band worth more than 1 billion dollars. It is the hottest band of 2014. To hire the band for a night would cost more than £21,000.

3. Whether Harry Styles is a gay or straight is still a mystery. He is seen to take interest in beautiful girls and at the same time cannot seem to live without Louis Tomlinson whom he had once kissed in public.

4. Well-known cell phone brands such as Samsung and Nokia have launched mobile casing with pictures of the ‘One Direction’ guys.

5. The YouTube stats of the band are amazing to say the least. Some of their most popular songs have been played more than 70 million times in the video site.

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