6 Signs of Sleep Deprivation

6 Signs of Sleep Deprivation

We always sleep as little as possible or feel that we have to, and think that there are so many things more interesting than sleeping a few hours more. But we need to understand that sleep is as important as any other aspect of life like exercise or nutrition. Sleep deprivation is a major problem faced by many and has to be dealt with. For that, you should first know if you are sleep deprived. Listed here are some of the signs of sleep deprivation.

1. Need for an alarm

You always have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and rely too much on the snooze button. This though may sometimes be due to laziness, but there is no guarantee that it cannot be sleep deprivation.

2. Drowsiness and slow reactions

When sleep deprived, the brain is too tired to process the information it is receiving effectively and so you feel very tired and sluggish. You tend to feel sleepy in meetings, lectures, when driving and you can easily notice your slow reaction time.

3. Change in hunger pangs and appetite

One often overlooked symptom of sleep deprivation is appetite change. You may not feel hungry at all, or you may feel very hungry at odd times. The appetite changes may eventually impact your weight. This can be mistaken for other more disorder but nevertheless can be sleep deprivation.

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