6 Things You Shouldn’t Wear After 40

6 Things You Shouldn't Wear After 40

40 is that in-between phase of your life, when you are neither here nor there. You are not young anymore, neither are you too old. You can still try out different trends, but have to exercise caution over certain styles. There is never a must do or must wear style that you have to follow when you hit your 40’s. There is also no need to follow fashion magazines in an attempt to find the right or appropriate style for 40’s. All that is needed is some understanding of your body and a general awareness of how you would look in some clothes and accessories. Listed here are some things you shouldn’t wear after 40s.

1. Tight clothes

As much as you think you would look good in them, wearing extremely tight clothes is a big no-no. The extra bulges that develop as you grow older just seem more unsightly in tight clothes. The only exception here is an evening gown or a cocktail dress.

2. Layered clothes

Just because you do not look so fetching in tight clothes doesn’t mean you have to drape yourself in loose fitting clothes or wear layers. Find something that fits you well and that is well tailored.

3. Heavy jewelry

Flowy clothes and chunky jewelry do not have to be your fashion staple. Keep it simple and elegant. Let the maturity that has evolved in the past four decades show.

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