6 Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Modernized life brings along with it series of anxiety related issues. The work pressure, meeting deadlines, trying to make a living and month end meets can take a huge toll on you. No one is alien to this psychological condition. Sometimes, it can overpower you and become an obstacle for you to lead a normal life. But you can help yourself early, and deal with your anxiety levels. Here are 6 relaxation techniques for anxiety.

1. Breathing exercises

You can practice simple breathing exercises in the comfort of your home. You can either do it in the morning hours before you go for walk or whenever you feel the pressure is mounting, and you need to reduce your anxiety level.

2. Stretching exercises

Practice deep stretching muscle exercises– shoulder rotation, stretching of shoulder muscles, or rotate your neck clockwise and anti-clockwise. You can also exercise your leg, ankles and hands by rotating them. Also, try stretching your hands with fingers interlocked, away from your chest.

3. Spa and massage therapy

You could go to a well known massage or spa clinic. Choose a spa pack- Swedish or Aroma massage pack, perhaps along with an organic wrap for 60-90 minutes. Usually, a spa pack includes a steam and hot shower. The therapy relaxes the muscles and nerves, and provides relief from anxiety.

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