8 Health Benefits of Kiwi

8 Health Benefits of Kiwi

What comes instantly to our minds when we talk about terms like anti-carcinogenic, immune booster, anti-diabetes and good for the heart? No prizes for guessing – it’s medicines. Surprisingly, this guess is wrong. It’s something that is far more pleasant than the foul smelling, bitter tasting medicines. It’s kiwi – the wonder fruit that has held the attention and earned the respect of scientists all around the world. This delicious delight of Chinese origin has been found to be one of the most nutritious fruits around.

1. It beats an orange in competition when it comes to its vitamin C content. This fact proves that kiwi is an amazing immune booster and can prevent various types of infections.

2. In fact research suggests that kiwi has the potential to prevent and cure respiratory tract related ailments like asthma. Research has proved the usefulness of kiwi in pediatric diseases like coughing, and breathing problems.

3. Regular intake of kiwi helps sooth gingivitis, the common ailment of gums.

4. Kiwi is also known to have higher potassium content than banana. Potassium takes care of the blood vessels thus controlling blood pressure and protecting the heart.

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