6 Reasons You Should Say Sorry

6 Reasons You Should Say Sorry

Saying sorry can at times be the most scariest thing to do. Even when you know that you are clearly in the wrong, your pride may come in between and stop you from admitting your mistake. Such an action can mar your character and your relationships for life. We give you a number of reasons to let you realize the value and importance of saying a simple word like “sorry”.

1. It can save a relationship

When in a fight, it is not always so easy to point out or understand who is wrong and who is right. Sometimes you may not have been the one doing the wrong thing. Even then, saying sorry can be a way to salvage a situation and sometimes the only way. If you feel that simply by saying sorry you can save an important relationship in your life, do not let your ego come in the way. You both might be right in your own way and may not realize it when having an argument. It will not harm you at all to be the one to put the argument at rest.

2. It makes you humble

Saying sorry is simply admitting that you were wrong. This indirectly means that you are making yourself aware of the fact that you are not perfect. It will save you from becoming an arrogant person and will help stay you grounded.

3. It lets the other person know you care

When you say sorry, the person whom you have wronged feels that you value him/her and value the relationship that you two share. It is also reflective of the fact that you respect the other person. This can sometimes lead to long-lasting friendships and healthy bonds.

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