5 Christmas Party Games for Adults

5 Christmas Party Games for Adults

Games that you plan during the Christmas parties should not only concentrate on the kids and the teens but also on the adults, for it is only so much that they can stand or sit around and talk. They too would love to play some games and playing games would only make them closer. The games will also bring in some unexpected laughs and this is a great way for the adults in the arty to bond with each other. Here are some games that the adults in the party can play.

1. Christmas paint ball game

Give a Christmas twist to the paint ball game by having Christmas colors and making a small set with lots of Christmas trees and other Christmas things. This would be more interesting if you make the play arena smaller and more crowded.

2. Pom-pom fight

If you have no snow during the winter or cannot go out in the snow and play, you can substitute the snow with the pom-pom balls. Only in this game, the participants cannot throw the pom-pom ball but will have to shoot them using the pom-pom shooters. The team with the maximum number of hits gets the first place.

3. Making a snowman or a Christmas tree

Instead of going out to the snow and making a snowman, the team just gets rolls of toilet paper, black beans for eyes and left to fend for themselves when it comes to accessorizing the snowman. The same goes for the Christmas tree. The point of the game is that you give the teams enough to start making and then you let them go around the house and look for things to complete the stuff that they are making.

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