5 Signs That You Are More Than Friends

5 Signs That You Are More Than Friends

How exactly do you know that you are more than mere friends with someone? You might be of the impression that you are just good friends but the truth may be something different. If you want to find out the truth about a relationship, you must look out for certain signs. Listed below are the top 5 signs that will tell you that you are more than friends.

1. You think a lot about each other

Even after having been together for most of the day, you do not seem to cease thinking about him. If you think about each other a lot and make phone calls or text each other in spite of meeting every day in person, you are definitely not just friends.

2.You share a chemistry

If you share a certain chemistry, that is anything but mere friendship. If you think that there exists a sexual tension between you two, or you share special moments, you are more than friends. If you share such chemistry, you will not need to say or explain everything to each other; you will develop a certain understanding and will begin ‘talking’ to each other through looks and gestures.

3. You enjoy activities together

You enjoy doing things together which are not typical of what ‘just friends’ do. You enjoy going to the movies together or stay at home and watch television together or go out and have a special couple dinner – all these are signs that you are more than friends. You spend a lot of time with each other and enjoy doing things together.

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