10 Secrets of Healthy Aging

10 Secrets of Healthy Aging

The kind of stress you face and the speed at which modern life is moving, it is quite obvious that you hardly get time to pay attention towards yourself. But that makes it even more necessary to take precautions to keep yourself healthy, physically and mentally, so that your health stays the same throughout life. Enlisted here are some secrets of healthy aging.

1. Ensure good eating habits

Make sure you are getting the required levels of vitamins and potassium in your diet. Green leafy vegetables, fruits like papaya and banana, potatoes, apples, eggs, all help to build up resistance. People nearing old age, who follow a good diet plan, rich in potassium, tend to have better muscle tone than those who don’t. Plan out a good diet and make a conscious effort to stick to it.

2. Be physically and mentally active

Taking long walks, jogging, attending yoga classes, doing simple aerobics and generally being more active physically will make your look younger by years. Solving puzzles, Sudoku and crosswords will increase your brain power. This will make sure that you stay fit and healthy well into old age. Remember, the more active you are, the more you can prolong your independence and live a better life.

3. Have a positive outlook

Being cheerful and optimistic is extremely beneficial to healthy longevity. People having a happy personality are usually more satisfied with their lives, leading them to enjoy better health and face fewer health concerns than those who are sedentary, morose and prone to depression. Read light books, develop a hobby, join groups and enjoy life’s small pleasures and see your health bloom.

4. Give up smoking

Smoking is something everyone knows is very harmful but there are still a lot many who are unable to kick this habit. They tend to bury their heads in the sand, thinking that nothing bad will happen to them. But the fact is that even if any serious disease does not occur, a smoker’s life is automatically 12-14 years shorter than that of a non-smoker’s. Give up that cigarette! Say-,“ I will” instead of “I can’t”. Give your life a chance.

5. Keep in touch with family and friends

Having a good social life can do wonders to making you feel young and vital. Going for group activities, taking part in fun outings and joining support groups can help to make your old age a healthy and happy one. Staying apart from loved ones does not mean you should lose touch with them. Stay in contact with them through the internet or telephone. In the meantime, find good friends in your neighborhood or get in touch with old friends who also might be lonely. Feel good about yourself.

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