6 Reasons Why We Will Miss Amy Winehouse

6 Reasons Why We Will Miss Amy Winehouse

The troubled 27-year old singer, Amy Winehouse was found dead on her bed on Saturday, July 23, 2011. She might have not been a perfect person, she might have had a number of hell-like lows in her life, but she definitely did not deserve to die. All her life she struggled, unsuccessfully, to give up on her addictions. Finally Amy Winehouse’s story abruptly met an unhappy ending a couple of days ago. While her fans all over the globe mourn about her unexpected and untimely death, we can’t help but miss her. Here’s why.

1. Her unconventionality is rarely found today

Amy was one person who wouldn’t blindly follow trends. Her look was distinctive and stood out from the rest. Yet, she managed to carry off herself so well. Not everyone is able to pull off the beehive hairdo, Cleopatra makeup and obtrusive tattoos as well as Amy.

2. Her songs were sensational

She was one of those few people who were blessed with strong contralto vocals. She also had a very keen ear to music. She would gel music from different genres including R&B, soul and jazz to create a unique blend.

3. She was honest

It is so hard in today’s world to find an honest person. Amy was one such person who didn’t believe in behaving fake. She was most known for her frankness. Although many people called her blunt, she wouldn’t give a damn. Her frankness and honesty was proved in the songs she wrote for her second album, Back to Black where she openly spoke about her breakdowns and failed relationships. She would wear her heart on her sleeve and wasn’t afraid to do so.

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