7 Unnecessary Beauty Products Women Should Do Away With

7 Unnecessary Beauty Products Women Should Do Away With

Women do much ado about their beauty and appearance. There is little time in this world and it would do you a whole lot of good if you stopped fussing over unnecessary things and maintained your basics well. There are a bunch of unneeded beauty items that ladies waste their time, money and energy over. These items don’t do a thing for your appearance, so it’s better to say goodbye to them.

1. Toner

It’s an age old rule of beautifying that, the first 3 steps to do before starting the real makeup are toning, cleansing and moisturizing. However, it’s high time you realize that toning is quite an unnecessary process since it really doesn’t lend anything of value to your beauty regime. Cleanser cleans the face while moisturizing makes it soft for preventing the cracking of makeup, but toner is just a waste of time and money.

2. Foot cream

One kind of moisturizing cream is enough for usage on all parts of the body. You would just be getting fooled by advertisers and product promoters if you invest in separate creams for the neck, chest, back, foot or hands. They are all essentially just the same as your face cream. In fact, your face cream is the least harshest of them all since they are made keeping in mind the soft and sensitive skin of the face.

3. Hair color enhancing shampoo

If you have artificially colored hair, the color will eventually fade away naturally whenever it has to. These new age so called color enhancing shampoos don’t make any difference to the detainment of the color for a longer time. These are just marketing gimmicks adopted by beauty brands in order to take gullible women for a ride. Continue using your normal shampoo rather than these products that hold fake promises.

4. Age reversing products

If age reversal creams really worked, then the majority of the senior population would never be able to look aged in the first place. There is a difference between anti-aging and age reversal products since the former does show some effects on the face. It is effective to a point for hiding spots and disguising wrinkles. However, those products that promise to make you look a decade younger are simply fooling you.

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