6 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Prefer High Maintenance Women

6 Reasons Why Guys Don't Prefer High Maintenance Women

Many men make use of the term ‘High maintenance’ to refer to women who are very demanding and seek all their man’s attention and affection. While there are others alternatively using it to describe women who spend half of their time in the parlor and the remaining half socializing at parties. They are the ones who enjoy spending more on clothes and make-up rather than groceries.
The common aspect in both the viewpoints stated above is that such women are needy and indigent who are never satisfied with what they have. Irrespective of whether it is their emotional or materialistic needs, they need more and more even on fulfillment of all their needs. Here are some of the reasons why men do not prefer such women.

1. Very Demanding

Such a high maintenance woman is always dependent on her guy to make her happy. She expects everything to happen the way she wants. Men do not like being controlled and bossed over all the time.

2. Difficult to handle

She makes fuss about every little thing. She is never ready to understand and make adjustments. Guys prefer spontaneous women, someone who is able to change gears and adjust in all scenarios rather than cribbing about it.

3. Require constant assurances

High maintenance women demand non-stop attention and compliments which is not always easier for men to keep up with. Men often find themselves emotionally drained trying to keep up to their partners level of attention seeking, unreasonable romance and constant reassurances.

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