10 Unwritten Rules for Facebook Friendships

10 Unwritten Rules for Facebook Friendships

Facebook is a social networking site, where you make new friends and meet the old ones. But, there are some unwritten rules for Facebook friendships. Are you aware of those rules? If not, then continue reading.

1. Reply on the post or message

Do reply on the wall post or a message. Most people tend to ignore the message. Not replying on the wall post is against the Facebook rules. It is a courteous thing to reply to every message. This can help you to make new friends as well.

2. Think before posting

There is a delete and edit option while posting a comment. Still sometimes, it becomes too late to repair the damage. It is important to think twice before posting on a friend’s wall post. It should not hurt his/her feelings in any which way.

3. Be honest

Do not be fake in your attitude. No one would be interested to be friends with a fake person. Be honest in your approach. The “about me” page that you write should be genuine and creative. If you are honest in your approach, you will be popular among your friends.

4. Don’t get addicted

Agreed Facebook is a cool place to stay connected with family and friends, but do not get addicted to the site. Facebook addiction can lead to disconnection from family and friends in real. Know the difference between real and virtual, this plays an important role.

5. Message should be private

Any message that is private should be mailed to your friend’s inbox. If you post something, which is private on Facebook wall, then this might cause problem for your friend. Respect your friend’s privacy, and post the message as private.

6. Do not comment on every post

Posting on every comment or liking every comment will make you look dumb. Remember, do not post on every post that you see. And, do not like your friend’s every post and picture. Do it only if you think there is a need to do so.

7. Don’t tag your friends in every photo

This is also an annoying habit, which should be avoided. Do not tag your friends in every photo, if the photos are de-glam. Your friend might not feel good about it.

8. Don’t make random requests

There is no point making random friend requests to strangers. Make a request only if you know the person or have heard about her. Some people make random friends request to increase their friends list. This is a kind of weird behavior.

9. Don’t share personal details with strangers

If you wish to make new friends and hence have added a stranger, refrain your self from sharing intense personal details too soon. Get to know him/her, meet in person and then decide whether or not he/she deserves to know more about you.

10. Avoid accepting friend request from fake profiles

Agreed, you are eager on making new buddies. But, this doesn’t imply that you keep accepting friend requests from people who flaunt a fake profile. Accept request if and only if you think that the person is genuine and not faking his/her profile.

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