6 Must Follow Accounts on Instagram

6 Must Follow Accounts on Instagram

Instagram started out as an app that you can use to upload and edit pictures with, but it soon became big with people sharing many fascinating, attention grabbing pictures online and now it is also used as an effective marketing tool to showcase the works of artists and budding talented newcomers. Together with pictures of the meal that you just had or the very cute dog you found on the street, there are pictures of some very captivating things in life. Here are some of the must follow accounts on Instagram.

1. @drewKelly

Pictures from one of the most mysterious and forbidden countries of the world-North Korea. For people who would or never could visit the country, but are curious to know more, this is the account to follow.

2. @passionpassport

You submit pictures from all the travels you have made over the years and since you are not the only one, you also get to see where people around the world have been to and what other interesting places you can visit in the future.

3. @badgirlriri

Of all the celebrity Instagram accounts out there, this one is a definite must visit, to update yourself on the fashion choices of the very unpredictable Rihanna and her rather cheeky pictures.

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