Reasons Why You Must Not Get A Tattoo

Reasons Why You Must Not Get A Tattoo

A lot of thought should be put in before you finally decide to get a tattoo done. Love it or hate it, it is going to stay with you forever. Outlined below are some reasons why you must not get a tattoo.

It’s a painful procedure

Getting a tattoo done is a lengthy procedure and doesn’t get over in a matter of seconds. It takes minutes, sometimes even hours depending on the size of the tattoo. All through that time, you will have this extremely painful needle pricking your skin inhumanly. Are you some kind of a masochist? Why on earth would you knowingly put yourself through so much of pain?

It stays forever

What if tomorrow you feel like you don’t want a tattoo? There is nothing you can really do about it. It will stay with you anyway, against your will. Of course, you can get it removed surgically. But it is an even more painful procedure than getting a tattoo. So you would rather stay with it forever.

It involves health risks

One of the main health risks involved in case of tattoos is blood-borne diseases like Hepatitis or HIV. Your health may also be in danger, in case the needle used is contaminated by localized or airborne germs. It can lead to blood poisoning or skin infection.

Apart from that, there are some people who get their tattoo done for a wrong reason. Check out their reasons and make sure you don’t follow suit.

To express love for their partner

If you really love someone and respect them, you most certainly don’t need to mock that love by reducing it to a mark on your body. Tattoos just show that you are so insecure about your relationship that you need to prove it, by getting a painful tattoo done. The second reason is, no matter how long or strong, no relationship comes with a lifetime guarantee. Getting a permanent tattoo would just bring back painful memories, if the relationship doesn’t last.

Just because others are doing it

There can be nothing as lame as this. Do something because you want to do and not just because the whole world is doing it. When it is a permanent tattoo, it is going to stay forever, for which you will have to go through some really expensive and painful surgery. So there is hardly any use repenting later. Do it only if you are one hundred percent sure about it.

To project their image in a particular way

Use your actions to show or speak for the kind of person you are. You certainly don’t need to get what you believe in tattooed on your body. Getting butterflies or stars tattooed on your body doesn’t show that you are fragile and delicate. Getting horns or angels tattooed does not show your dark side either. A tattoo may speak a thousand words, but by simply getting anything imprinted on your body will just make you look like a wannabe.

Although a popular trend of body art, getting tattoos done is a painful process. To avoid the discomfort, you may opt for a temporary tattoo. But, if you’ve already made the resolve, you may go ahead with a permanent tattoo.

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