6 Most Popular Flowers to Give on Valentine’s Day

6 Most Popular Flowers to Give on Valentine's Day

What’s Valentine’s Day if flowers are not gifted to the loved ones. Giving flowers on Valentine’s Day has become a tradition to convey a specific meaning and message. The most ideal gift to give your lover on this day is, a bunch of sweet smelling flowers and chocolates. Here’s a list of the most popular flowers along with their significance. Choose your favorite one and express your feelings to your better half on this Valentine’s Day.

1. Red Rose

There are over 150 types of roses from which you can choose. But, red roses in specific are the most obvious symbol of true love, romance and immense attraction. Roses lead the list of popular flowers to gift on Valentine’s Day. Roses possess a sweet smell which automatically soothes the receiver and drives them crazy. Gift your lover a bunch of red roses, and see how him fall in love with you all over again.

2. Carnation

Carnation is the second most popular flower to gift on Valentine’s Day. They are as pretty as roses with an additional benefit of being cheaper than roses. This many layered flower looks amazingly mesmerizing and will make the receiver go weak in knees when he receives a bunch of them. Carnation comes in varied colors, all extremely exotic, but the most radiant one is the red carnation. All solid colored carnations signify intense love, admiration, and extreme affection. But, be careful before you choose stripped carnations, as they signify refusal.

3. Lily

Lily is a delicate, romantic, elegant and a very classy flower. This high class flower is one of the other popular Valentine’s Day flowers that you can gift your sweet love. Combine a bouquet of lilies, a box of dark chocolates, and an “I love you” note, to make the perfect seductive Valentine’s Day gift for him. Lily signifies, pure love, and the content of being happy and satisfied with the partner.

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