6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Long Distance Relationship

6 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day in a Long Distance Relationship

As if couples don’t have enough pressure already on them regarding how to go about celebrating Valentine’s day, it becomes even more difficult when they are miles apart from each other in a long distance relationship. It’s very hard to sustain a long distance relation. If you are in a long distance relationship, and are wondering how to celebrate this day, being miles apart, then let us help you with 6 beautiful ways in which you can celebrate the day of love with your spouse or boyfriend.

1. Have a candle light dinner online

Skype has been the savior of innumerable long distance relationships since quite a few years now. It’s the best way to video chat and feel the closest to someone who is miles away. Close the lights in your room and set up a candle with your dinner and ask him to do the same. Voila! You have the perfect candle light romantic dinner to enjoy with each other.

2. Talk all night

This is the special day wherein the number of hours you sleep ought to have little or no importance. Same goes for the amount of money that will go for the call charges of talking for hours on end continuously. The romantic feeling of hearing your lover’s voice at 2 am in the morning is really magical.

3. Send flowers or gifts

A sweet gesture to celebrate V-Day that most couples do is to buy gifts, cards, chocolates and flowers for each other. You could purchase a beautiful bouquet, get him a gift that he’s been really wanting since some time, make a collage of pictures of the both of you or simply arrange for a sweet box of chocolates and get them mailed to him.

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