4 Reasons Why Nelson Mandela Was a Real Inspiration for the People Around the World

4 Reasons Why Nelson Mandela Was a Real Inspiration for the People Around the World

There are people who are great and there are some who have greatness thrust upon them. Mandela was a breed apart. He was a great person no doubt about it, but he was also a unique person who was loved, respected, admired, quoted and now will be missed dearly. It is unique because Mandela apart from whatever he did for his people was also a politician. It is hard to like a politician, lest miss him so greatly. As we look behind at his life, we will understand why Mandela was such a big person who was a real inspiration to millions of people around the world and why his legacy will last and also serve as an inspiration for the future generations. The reasons as to why he was such a real inspiration are many and below are some of them.

1. He preached and practiced Non Violence

After Luther King and Gandhi, Mandela was the one who was a living example of the Non-violence credence. Even through all the torture he underwent during the apartheid regime and although he was arrested and put in prison for the better part of his life, he remained consistent in his belief and never resorted to violence. He believed that violence did not solve anything and only bred more violence.

2. He stood up for the forgotten people

When the black people of South Africa had to undergo unbearable racist torture under the white regime, it was Mandela who stood up for them, fought tirelessly and brought out their plight to the world outside. He was a leader who did not look at this own self, but fought for his people so that they and their children could have a better future. He was a selfless person who always put the people first and that is rare to find in any person.

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