10 Great Tips For Flirty Text Messaging

10 Great Tips For Flirty Text Messaging

Mobile phones have become important as well as necessary gadgets these days. Cell phones are very popular among the younger crowd especially due to the messaging function that they possess. They have even found a place in the dating scenario! Flirting through text messages seems to be the ‘in’ thing these days. Text messaging not only connects people but also hearts and souls. But you should know certain important things before you flirt through text messages. Check out these crucial points that you should keep in mind while flirting with a guy through text messages.

1. The most important point is to understand his mind set; that is to say what kind of messages he likes. For example, you may send him messages that are outright flirty but he may be a shy person and may be scandalized to read messages sent by you. In that case, you must tone down your messages a bit.

2. Send flirty messages quite frequently. The point here is to make him think about you all through the day. Don’t give him a chance to forget you.

3. Gradually begin to initiate casual conversations through your text messages. For example, occasionally text him, “whats up?” or “hows it going?” This is will not only spark a conversation but also show your guy that you’re really interested in him.

4. Keep your messages short and crisp as guys do not like to read long texts.

5. Do not reply to his messages instantly. Take some time and then reply. Do not make him think that you were waiting for his reply or message. If you show him that you ‘need’ him, it might repel him from you.

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