5 Ways to Spread Joy

5 Ways to Spread Joy

There is no fun in being selfish all the time and only being bothered about your own happiness. You need to look around and see what difference you can make in someone else’s life. If you learn how to share happiness and spread joy around, then you would feel all the more satisfied and happy. Making someone else happy would make you feel much better rather than being self-centered and not caring about anyone else. Here are 5 ways to spread joy.

1. Share your stuff with others

A simple gesture and act of sharing a part of what you have with someone who doesn’t, is a great way to spread joy. Sharing simple things like food, clothes, or anything that you have in abundance can make someone pleased. Sharing wouldn’t make much difference to you but it will to the receiver. In return you would get priceless smiles and a feeling of satisfaction.

2. Practice the act of kindness

We often forget this simple act of being kind to the people around. We may be very kind to our family and friends, but it doesn’t cost anything to be kind to every person around you in your everyday life. Be giving, be helpful to others. Today if they are on the receiving end, tomorrow it could be you. Being kind to people is a great way to spread some joy.

3. Appreciate and compliment

It is always great to receive compliments and be appreciated by someone; it makes us happy. You could do the same to others and see how it makes the others happy. Giving genuine compliments to people, appreciating someone’s efforts and work would be a good way to spread joy.

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