Find Out What To Do If You Suffer From Hair Loss

Find Out What To Do If You Suffer Hair Loss?

Every time I called my friend Mandy, 28, out for a coffee, she always gave an excuse that she had an appointment with the dermatologist. I was flustered. Why would she go there every single time? Maybe she was doing it to avoid me. I had to find out somehow. I finally grabbed her one weekend and sat her down. That’s when all the beans poured out – she was extremely embarrassed to come out with me because she was undergoing hair loss. I realized how bothersome it was for her because she was in tears. I decided to help her out. For a period of eight months, we toured dermatologists, looked up for hair loss treatments on the internet and scouted around for advice from friends and family who had suffered from a similar problem. If you have been suffering from hair loss, take my advice and look no further.

Traditional medicines

Dr. Preston, Mandy’s dermatologist, first suggested a few conventional medicines to her. These would typically slow down the development of baldness. There’s Minoxidil (available under the brand name of Rogaine) which is available without a prescription. Another one is Finasteride, which is available only with a prescription (it’s for men – just in case you have an uncle who’s looking for help!). A two percent concentration of Minoxidil solution applied twice a day can increase hair growth in a moderate range. But Mandy decided against this. After reading the ingredients, she figured that she could be potentially allergic to one of the medicines. And she decided against it.

Alternative Remedies

Have you even thought about pursuing alternative medicine and heal yourself through natural elements? Well, if you always have, now’s your time to do so. On Dr. Preston’s recommendation, Mandy signed up for a yoga and meditation class which helped her to calm down and keep her stress levels in control. I was pissed off – Mandy never agreed when I asked her to join me for yoga months back – she thought it was slow and boring- but look at her now! She had now ended up liking the peacefulness of yoga so much that she wishes she would have started much earlier. But here’s the catch: If you are suffering from excessive hair loss and you freak out because of that, your hair will react to your worry levels even more.

Healthy protein rich diet

One day Mandy ended up talking to her yoga teacher about why she had joined yoga in the first place. And we got a great remedial insight from her. She asked Mandy to include protein rich food in her diet – fish, eggs, wheat and so on. She warned us – diet wasn’t going to miraculously grow follicles on Sheila’s head, but it would surely accelerate the remedial process and aid the measures that were being taken to prevent balding.

Artificial Remedies

In the last week of Mandy’s treatment visit to Dr. Preston, she also asked for some remedies for hair loss for her mother. But Dr. Preston said that her case would be completely different due to her age where hair thinning and loss was but natural. Has something similar been happening to your aunt who you’re very fond of? Then free them of this embarrassment by gifting them a stylish wig of a hair weave. I must credit Dr. Preston for this suggestion. We liked it so much that we rushed to a local wigmaker in the city to give an order for Mandy’s aunt. The trick here is to choose a wig that is most natural looking. Life is too precious and short to waste over hair loss! Don a wig and walk out in style and confidence.

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