5 Reasons We Love Peyton Sawyer

5 Reasons We Love Peyton Sawyer

One of the most admired characters from the TV series One Tree Hill, Peyton Sawyer is adorable, sexy, and inspirational. She expresses her emotions through art and music and portrays a very complex character on the show. We give you some of the reasons that make her one of the most loved characters on the series.

1. She is effortlessly beautiful

We rarely see Peyton wearing make-up or spending time in front of the mirror. She does not seem to make any effort into looking good and still manages to have that glow on her face. It is this effortless beauty that draws one towards her. The fact that she does not seem to put in any efforts into being who she is makes her very spontaneous and attractive.

2. She has spunk

One of the most attractive qualities that Peyton has is that she is extremely comfortable with who she is. Even though she is a cheerleader, she is not at all into her looks and is not a ‘girly-girl’. She easily breaks any stereotype that is usually attributed to cheerleaders. You do not see her worrying about her weight or her clothes. She is independent, a rebel, is into dark art, likes punk music, and can rock a leather jacket as well!

3. She is caring

She is not one who can intentionally hurt someone no matter how the other person is. Her true inner self has all the qualities of someone who is kind and caring. Throughout the series she shows how much she cares for her friends. She longs for love and gives love.

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