6 Halloween Sleepover Party Ideas for Kids

6 Halloween Sleepover Party Ideas for Kids

Halloween is one of the best times in the year when you can get kids to unleash their creativity and get all spooky during a sleepover party. Here are a few innovative party ideas for kids that you can use to organize their sleepover and make it memorable.

1. Decorations

When you organize a Halloween sleepover party for kids, you have to ensure that all the decorations give your house or the party venue a creepy ambience. Use lots traditional Halloween motifs including Jack-o’-lanterns, candy apples, scarecrows, candles and witch brooms to create a chilling ambience in your house. Select a color theme which includes traditional Halloween hues of orange and black. Place neon films of these colors over the bulbs and lamps in your house. Switch them on when the party starts so that your entire house looks like the set of a horror movie.

2. Activities

Halloween sleepovers are all about playing fun games and creating interesting activities to keep kids busy throughout the night. You can arrange a Halloween treat making session in which you teach kids to bake a sweet treat in the shape of a Halloween motif. You can also supply craft material to kids and allow their creativity to run wild by asking them to make spooky Halloween paper jewelry. This includes spider headbands, pumpkin hats, skull bracelets and owl tiaras. If you are planning to keep the busy with games, include horror themed dumb charades, Halloween bingo, musical chairs and apple bombing competitions.

3. Movie time

Apart from the Halloween games that you plan to keep kids busy with, you can also organize a Halloween movie watching session. Use the scariest sequences of famous Halloween movies and create a short movie out of it. This way, the kids can see the best parts of different movies instead of watching just one movie through the night. You can also create additional sound effects on your computer and use them on a loudspeaker to heighten the impact of those movies.

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