9 Downsides to Consuming Alcohol

9 Downsides to Consuming Alcohol

It is never a good idea to drink alcohol. A few times a year and a little bit is ok. But if you tend to binge drink or drink on a regular basis, it can do some serious damage to your health and body. Just like smoking, alcohol is more damaging to women than men. On top of the gender specific health reasons, there are other societal reasons as to why women should not drink too much.

1. Alcohol can affect your liver

And it is more damaging to you than the guy drinking with you. It also causes your skin to lose its color and sheen, giving it a yellowy tinge if you keep drinking for years.

2. Alcohol gives you a bad hangover the next day

If you drink way too much or gulp down and mix drinks, you are bound to have a pretty nasty hangover the next morning. For a few hours of fun the previous night and you will lose a whole day.

3. You become more vulnerable

If you are alone in a bar and drink, you tend to become more vulnerable. You never know if someone mixes something in your drink. Since your judgement becomes impaired after one too many drinks, you will also end up making some very stupid decisions you will later regret.

4. Society looks down on women who drink.

When men drink, it is seen as a problem. But sometimes when women drink, it is seen as a character flaw. People start judging a woman based on how she handles herself after drinking, while with men, their tantrums and indiscretions are laughed off as a joke.

5. You get bags under your eyes

And your eyes look all puffy in the morning. Even the cleverest of makeup will fail to conceal those baggy eyes that come after a session of hard drinking.

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