9 Signs You are Living in the Past

9 Signs You are Living in the Past

Great minds over the years have stressed on the importance of living in the present. Whether your past has been good or bad, it is never a good idea to hold on to it. If you keep living in your past, you will end up missing on your present and which will eventually ruin your future. We give you a list of some of the signs that tell you are still attached to your past memories and experiences.

1. Constant regret

If you have had a bad past, you will constantly have a feeling of regret when you think about it. In other words, if you find yourself always regretting about how could have made things better, or how you could have behaved differently, or could have saved the situation, it is a sign that you are still attached to your past.

2. Constant comparisons

If you keep comparing your current boyfriend with your ex or keep drawing comparisons between how you handled a similar situation in the past, it could mean that you have not been able to break free from what has been. To be fair to your loved ones and those who care for you, you need to stop making constant comparisons.

3. Lack of value for your current relationships

Since you are continuously comparing your current relationship with those in the past, you might feel a lack of respect and value for those who love you at present. You may not give in your hundred percent in making the relationships work and start taking them for granted.

4. Holding on to lost glory

Your past might have been more magnificent than your present and sometimes that is very hard to let go of. If you find yourself telling and re-telling stories of your past glory to those around you, that means that you are still living in your past.

5. Unable to move on

When you are too attached to your past, you find it impossible to give a chance to those who may want to be a part of your life now. You do not feel strong enough to let someone love you and take care of you. Being able to move on is the first sign that you have managed to break yourself away from the past.

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