7 Beauty Mishaps to Avoid

7 Beauty Mishaps to Avoid

There is a pretty long list of beauty mishaps that most of us have faced or face in our life. It is not just the celebrities alone who end up splashed on newspapers and magazines when they make a wrong fashion choice or have a wardrobe malfunction, but also regular women who face beauty mishaps on a regular basis. Here are some of the beauty mishaps and the ways to avoid them.

1. Short skirt blowing away in the wind

Do not wear a very short skirt if you know it is going to be windy. If at all you want to wear a short skirt, make sure you are wearing shorts underneath the skirt. If the shorts are going to make you hot, at least make sure you are not wearing thongs underneath, as definitely you do not purposefully plan on exposing your butt cheeks to everyone.

2. Streaky tans

If you are self tanning, take care that you exfoliate and scrub yourself well before you apply self tanners. Equally important is that you do not do your regular chores or wash dishes and clothes when you are self tanning. These things will give you a streaky tan and it is definitely one of the beauty mishaps you can avoid.

3. Hanging toes

Strappy sandals are sexy indeed, but if you cannot find something that is the right size and fit, then you might end up with feet that look crunched up in a sandal or toes that hang out of the straps real ungraciously. To avoid this, get the right sized sandals or you could wear peep toes. You can also try the heel grips that can be found easily in drug stores.

4. Runny eyeliners

It is a scary sight to see eyeliners streaking through your chin. You will end up looking like you had just stepped out of a horror movie. Runny eyeliners are a definite beauty mishap and the best way to avoid it would be to use water proof makeup or avoid wearing it when you know you will sweat a lot.

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