5 Dresses for All Body Types

5 Dresses for All Body Types

All women look different, with distinct features and body types. It is very important to know the flaws in your body, to identify the best features of your body and identify your body type. There are various body types like straight/rectangular, oval/apple, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, and pear. Women are categorized into these body types and should dress up accordingly. Listed here are some dresses for all body types.

1. Straight/rectangular shaped

In a straight figure, the shape or body curves are not well defined as the measurements are almost similar. It is essential to give a definition to the body and not make it look equal. Empire line waist dresses, A- line dresses and tent silhouettes would work best for this body type. It would add flow to the body and will not make the body look tubular.

2. Hourglass shaped

The most desired body types is the hourglass. As the name explains it all, there is a definite shape and body curve. It is important to highlight and enhance this kind of figure. A basic fitted sheath dress would highlight your fuller bust and hips, and give a great shape to your waist. It is very easy to carry off most of the dress styles as the body is proportionate. You could play with lengths according to your height. Halter, off shoulder, tube dresses and the likes look great.

3. Pear shaped

A pear shaped body has a smaller bust and fuller hips. Here you need to shift the focus from the hips and enhance your bust area. Dresses that are fitted on the bust area, open neck lines, deep necks, and tube dresses help to draw attention towards the upper part of your body. A-line dresses and empire waist suits best on a pear shaped figure.

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