8 Fun Facts to Know if You are Born in January

Photo Courtesy: Chris Kempson

Many fun facts can be associated with the month of January, and we have compiled some of the most fascinating ones here.

1. The origin

The month of January didn’t even exist in the Roman calendar, which had ten months starting with March. It was added to the Julian calendar, and was named in honor of Janus, the Roman god of the doorway.

2. Star sign

People born in January belong to the zodiac sign Capricorn, if their birthday falls on or before January 20, and to the zodiac sign Aquarius, if their birthday comes after January 20.

3. Birth flower

Carnation is the birth flower for the month of January. Carnation, also known as ‘gilly flower’ and ‘Jove’s flower’, symbolizes love, admiration and charm.

4. Birth stone

Garnet is the birthstone for January. It is generally red in color, and is said to result in past life reminisces besides symbolizing energy, vitality and passion.

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